Lakshmi Mills manufactures 100% combed cotton yarns in NE 50s to NE 120s, and Polyester Cotton Blended yarns in NE 40s to NE 100s. The Mills also manufactures 100% Lenzing Micro Modal/Modal/Tencel yarns, Micro Modal/Modal Cotton Blended yarns, 100% Micro Tencel yarn, Tencel/Cotton Blended yarn in counts NE 30s to 100s and X-Static Yarns in counts NE 20s to 40s.

The range includes single and doubled yarns for knitting and weaving for both the domestic and export markets.

100% Cotton Yarns

The company produces combed and compact yarn in the count range from 40s Ne – 120s Ne.

Polyester Blended Yarns

Polyester can be blended with a range of cellulose fiber such as cotton, modal or tencel. The resulting yarn takes on the properties of both types of fibres. This is beneficial in end uses that demand a combination of longevity and softness.

PC Blended Yarns

We are known as a trusted source of Blended PC Yarns in both manufacture and export. We offer Blended PC Yarns in various counts with different blend ratios, meeting the requirements of the clients. Count ranges from 30s to 100s. We also provide Poly Cotton Yarn in poly cotton blends such as: P/C 52/48, P/C 55/45, P/C 65/35, P/C 70/30, P/C 80/20. We also offer a wide range of 2 ply yarns in PC counts (normal or high twisted).

PC Yarns

In blended PC yarns, our process flexibility allows us to produce a wide range of blend ratios such as (P/C); 52/48, 55/45, 65/35, 70/30, 80/20 in the count range between 30s – 100s. We also offer a wide range of 2 ply yarns in PC counts (Normal Twist and High Twist).

PC Slub Yarns

We offer Polyester-Cotton (PC) slub yarn in counts from 24s to 80s.

CVC Yarns

We make a range of Chief Value Cotton (CVC) yarns. It is a blended yarn that has a higher percentage of cotton when compared to polyester. The standard blend ratios are (C/P); 60/40, 70/30 and 80/20. However, we also offer customized blend ratios depending on customer requirements.

Lenzing Modal is a cellulosic fiber produced from beech wood. The superior softness of Lenzing Modal keeps fabrics pleasant to the touch even after multiple washes. This is ideal for lingerie, loungewear, knitwear and terry towels.

Micro Modal is a finer variant of the standard modal fiber. The extra fine fiber makes textiles even lighter.

TENCEL® branded lyocell fibers from the house of Lenzing. They are of botanic origin, since they are extracted from the raw material wood. Fiber production itself is extremely ecofriendly, due to the closed loop system. Textiles of TENCEL® fibers are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. USES: Mattresses, Bed linen, Sports wear, Children’s wear

Bamboo Yarn

Bamboo fibre is a regenerated cellulosic fibre produced from bamboo. This fibre has high durability, stability and tenacity. Furthermore, it is characterized by its good hygroscopicity, excellent permeability and soft feel. USES: Knitwear.

Inspired by the impact it has on lives everywhere, every day, X-STATIC® by Noble Biomaterials harnesses the power of silver to create a powerful technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria on fabrics, eliminating human-based odor for the life of the garment. X-STATIC® is made by permanently bonding 99.9% metallic silver to the surface of a fiber. It is not a nanotechnology or a complex chemical formula, just silver. The permanent performance of X-STATIC® keeps apparel smelling fresher for longer, even after multiple wear cycles between washings. Products powered by X-STATIC® feature a 100% coverage area of silver on the fiber to maximize performance, but remain soft, flexible and comfortable when integrated into finished garments.

Supima cotton is an extra-long staple cotton grown in the USA. What makes Supima unique to other cottons is its extra-long staple fiber that gives the cotton its premium properties: Strength, Softness and Color retention. Home and fashion products made from Supima yarns tend to last significantly longer due to the inherently stronger fibers that prolong its durability.

USES: Military wear, Athletic / Adventure wear, Healthcare apparel and textiles.

Fibre Blend Ring Single yarn
Count Range
Doubled yarn
Count Range
Egyptian Supima
100% Cotton Combed Compact - -
Egyptian Egyptian GOLD
Certified Yarns
100% Cotton Combed Compact Ne 40 to Ne 100 N e2/40 to Ne 2/100
BCI-Cotton BCI certified Yarn
100% Cotton Combed Ne 40 to Ne 100 Ne 2/40 to Ne 2/100
Organic Organic Certified Yarns
100% Cotton Combed, Compact Ne 40 to Ne 100 Ne 2/40 to Ne 2/100
Confidence-in-Textiles Oeko-Tex Certified
100% Cotton Combed, Compact Ne 60 to Ne 120 Ne 2/60 to Ne 2/120
Micromodal Lenzing Modal and
Micro Modal Yarns and Blends
Various Blends
- Ne 40 to Ne 80 Ne 2/40 to Ne 2/80
Tencel Lenzing Standrard Tencel and
Micro Tencel and  Blends
Various Blends
- Ne 40 to Ne 80 Ne 2/40 to Ne 2/80
Tanboocel Bamboo Yarns
Various Blends
- Ne 30 to Ne 50 Ne 2/30 to Ne 2/ 50
Cotton Yarns 100% Cotton Combed Compact, Combed Ne 60 to Ne 140
Ne 80s CPT HT
Ne 2/80 to Ne 2/140
Contamination Free Yarns 100% Cotton Combed Compact, Combed Ne 60 to Ne 140 Ne 2/80 to Ne 2/140
Polyester Cotton Blended yarns 70:30
Combed, Carded Ne 40  to  Ne 100 Ne 2/60 to Ne 2/100
Polyester Cotton High Twist yarns Various Blends Carded, Combed Ne 62 & Ne 84 N e2/62 & Ne 2/84
CVC yarns 60:40
Combed Ne 40 to Ne100 Ne 2/40 to Ne 2/100
Polyester Cotton Slub Yarns Various Blends Carded, Combed Ne 30 to Ne 60 Ne 2/30 to Ne 2/60
X-Static X- Static Yarns
95:05/ 90:10 Combed Ne 20 to Ne 60 Ne 2/20 to Ne 2/60
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